Evaluation of the photocatalytic activity of photocatalysts Photodegradation experiments were performed using a custom-made photocatalytic reactor to evaluate the effect of contact time on the photodegradation process. The kinetics of the photodegradation of MO were studied using F-doped photocatalysts owing to their super...
Ethical considerations Before carrying out this work, ethical clearance was provided based on the proposed handling of hazardous chemicals and data generation, processing, and storage. This ensured safe procedures were followed in handling chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials. The handling and disposal of E....
Materials collection Three 50-L clean and sterile plastic containers were used to collect raw EORW samples from three discharge points at Egharevbe oil mill in Ebuobanosa-Benin, Nigeria (N6˚20’1.32” E5˚36’0.53”). All chemicals/ reagents used, including commercial titanium dioxide (TiO2 ) [99.5% anatase], were of analyti...
BOD/COD/total organic carbon meter (Aquadax) ChemistryCRISPR dissolved oxygen meter HI 981193 Edible Oil Processing Edible oil refinery wastewater Environmental Science EORW HACH colourimeter 402 Kinetics multi-meter tester 2010 model pH meter 3010 Photodegradation spectrophotometer 910 model Titanium Oxide total dissolved solids meter H18734 Wastewater
Find your community. Ask questions. Science is better when we troubleshoot together.
Find your community. Ask questions. Science is better when we troubleshoot together.
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