I have experiences in RNAi and Cas9 knockout experiments in mammalian cells, but am now facing a little challenge. I have primary chicken and duck endothelial cells that require knockdowns of genes - knockouts of these genes are impossible due to their importance for these cells. I have seen 1-2 papers looking at CMV/Ef1a...
I trying to generate a KO model in ha hTERT line of fibroblast using lentiCRISPR V2 with 3 gRNA. The gRNAs are desining to generate a delection between exons 1 and 3 of my gene. I already performance puromicine selection and try to validate expresion levels of mRNA for me gene in policlonal cell line but I don't get any cha...
In a recent experiment I used lentiviral transduction of CRISPR to knock-out/down a gene of interest in a cell line. As a negative control I used the native lentiCRISPRv2 plasmid (with the 2kb filler) instead of the lentiCRISPRv2 plasmid cloned with a sgRNA against GFP for example. When I added the Puromycin to the cells, m...
Find your community. Ask questions. Science is better when we troubleshoot together.
Find your community. Ask questions. Science is better when we troubleshoot together.
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