In a morphometric approach based on pairwise comparisons, Thackeray and Odes29 calculated ‘log sem’ statistics associated with regression analyses to compare OH 24 with other crania, based on measurements from original specimens published by Wood.23 The log sem results reflect variability in skull shape. In the case of the ...
Australopithecus CRISPREvolutionary Biology hominin Homo habilis Morphometrics Paleobiology Plio-Pleistocene
Data Acquisition Photogrammetry is a low-cost method for extracting accurate measurements from photographs. It is well suited for producing 3D models of irregular surfaces, such as cave walls.36 To obtain photographs of the rock surface climbed by baboons, we used metal irrigation piping to construct a temporary T-shaped...
Find your community. Ask questions. Science is better when we troubleshoot together.
Find your community. Ask questions. Science is better when we troubleshoot together.
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