You've prepared your epigenetic library for profiling histone marks. If you are not using the Zymo ChIP DNA Clean & Concentrator Kit for final elution, you may want to size select for your library region of interest using SPRI bead clean up. How much bead do you add relative to your volume of library? Because adapters for ...
BAMBANKER Open to suggestions! This has worked incredibly well for me for both cell lines and FACS-purified cell populations from post-mortem human tissue. Will put in my manuscript reference as it becomes available. This has worked well for me for native ChIP-seq, CUT&Tag, and newer versions of CUT&Tag (to be updated by ...
Benchmarking CUT&Tag against ChIP-seq: Lovely blog post on CUT&Tag: The improved sensitivity of CUT&Tag compared to ChIP-seq is due to the use of pA-Tn5 to streamline lib...
Simultaneous Profiling of Gene Expression and Chromatin Accessibility in Single Cells ATAC-RNA Joint Profiling Workflow Though this could work for any type of gDNA library, e.g. CUT&Tag for profiling histone marks and TF binding) Sorting and DSP Fixation Sort 50,000-100,000 cells into RPMI + 10% FBS Spin down 300g 5 min...
Want to perform ATAC-seq in the lab for genome wide mapping of open/accessible chromatin to find out which genes are likely expressed? This could be a good complement to RNA-seq of the same sample where you could potentially link upstream open chromatin confirmation to downstream gene expression. Here is some more informati...
Find your community. Ask questions. Science is better when we troubleshoot together.
Find your community. Ask questions. Science is better when we troubleshoot together.
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