As a PLATFORM for SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, the open-source project LIFE123 ( offers a growing set of tools to wrestle with the complications of numerical solutions to complex dynamical systems, such as cycles of biochemical reactions. ONLY 1/2 OF THE BATTLE, is to offer functions to set up and simulate webs...
CYCLES of reactions are the bread-and-butter of biological networks... Explore them with just a few lines of Python code! (optionally in a 1-click hosted environment 😀 ) Pleased to announce version Beta 21 of the COLLABORATIVE OPEN-SOURCE project LIFE123 ( : Computational Systems Biology, with em...
We know there's tons of troubleshooting information on Twitter so we've spoken with our community council and decided to start up a campaign to start archiving all sorts of experimental resolutions from across #sciencetwitter to add to our "lab-rary" using the tag #scifound. I've provided guidelines below to have an idea of...
Hello everyone I hope you are fine and doing great. I am a fresh graduate of Microbiology (Food and Nutrition). I want to hunt a postdoc in my research domain (Microbiome, Probiotics, Genomics). As per my research and collected information, the postdoc positions are competitive and the ones with a high number of pertinent ...
Hello fun(gi) friends! Did everyone see the two (!) papers published recently in Cell about the mycobiota profiles of tumors? One was from Rob Knight and Ravid Straussman's groups ( and the other from Iliyan Iliev's group (
We have an old Opentrons v2 in the lab, and I was finally able to dust it off and try out its python API for a simple environmental sampling dilution prep. Quick note - the exact code on their tutorial page (also for dilution) can be a little hairy for beginners to figure out, due to their code being in pieces (indentation ...
Find your community. Ask questions. Science is better when we troubleshoot together.
Find your community. Ask questions. Science is better when we troubleshoot together.
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