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Every poignant dramatic story has an arch-villain. The aging process has many! A well-known one is chronic inflammation - sometimes referred to as "Inflammaging" (the vicious cycle between inflammation and aging.) An often-discussed source of chronic inflammation are senescent cells - but they aren't the only one. The N...
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Once in a while, a paper gives a feeling of "Wow, at a junction in History!" Such is a recent entry in Nature Cell Biology, which I will liken to a play: Prelude - Telomere (DNA protective caps) shortening : one of the first recognized "hallmarks of aging"... (general background from NIH:
Something I love about scientific conferences is being exposed to less widely known - but potentially very important - avenues of research. Case in point: the accumulation of a toxic biomolecule, an oxidized form of cholesterol (7-ketocholesterol : ), believed to ...
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One extraordinary presentation at "Ending Age-Related Diseases 2022 " was by Greg Fahy, on past and new clinical trials to regenerate the thymus - a gland which sadly shrinks in age, and is a key player in the immune system. The initial human clinical trial was named "TRIIM", at Stanford (2015-17), with notable results. ...
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Mainstream media is having a field day - paywalled news reports on Wall St Journal, etc. Cutting thru the hype, I think a worthwhile general-public report is It leaves out plenty - but the original paper is f...
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Online attendance is just $49. Signup at Onsite is at the University of Copenhagen The 9th annual "Aging Research and Drug Discovery" is a non-profit conference, managed by the University of Copenhagen. Among the organizers and speakers is Alex Zhavoronkov, founder and CEO of Insilico Medi...