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Molecular Biology Biotechnology Genetics

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PCR RACE PCR Plant Tissue Culture Plant Tissue Culture Techniques Tissue Culture Techniques Aseptic Techniques Microscopy, Confocal Confocal Microscope Microscope DNAse DNA Isolation RNA Isolation cDNA cDNA Synthesis Plasmids Plasmid Extraction Plasmid Cloning Rotary Evaporation Western Blot

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Models & Organisms

Arabidopsis thaliana


Real-Time PCR Systems pH Meters Denovix DS-11 thermal cycler Transilluminators Confocal Microscopes Cell Counters Benchtop Sterilizers Gel Imaging Systems Laboratory Shakers


Plant Tissue Culture Technician

Rinati Skin LLCFull Time

June 2018 - April 2021

Hawthorne, California United States

Bring plants of interest into tissue culture to generate callus, multiple shooting systems and regenerate roots Investigate and work to elicit secondary compounds of interest from tissue culture systems Work to insert genes of interest into various plant systems using Agrobacterium Design primers for and perform rtPCR/qPCR to evaluate gene expression and upregulation in transformants Isolate protoplasts and transfect to study protein localization Inoculate and maintain temporary immersion and bubble lift bioreactors


University of Wisconsin - Madison



2014 - 2017