Organization: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India. Work: Isolation of environmental bacteriophages for anti-biofilm activity. Characterization of marine and freshwater bacteriophages against pathogenic bacterial strains for their therapeutic applications and combating multidrug-resistant bacterial strains. Searching the genome of marine and freshwater bacteriophages for the presence of novel metabolic pathways.


Microbiology Molecular Biology

Skills & Expertise

PCR-cloning Biofilm Assays Viral Plaque Assay Growth Kinetics Transformation, Bacterial Bacterial Biofilm PCR Assay

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Models & Organisms

Bacteriophage Multidrug resistant organisms Biofilm forming bacterial strains


pH Meters Transilluminators Microplate Handlers Laboratory Reagents Gel Imaging Systems Laboratory Shakers Laboratory Equipment Real-Time PCR Systems Colony counters Laboratory Centrifuges



World Society for VirologyFull Time

April 2021 - Present

Al Hawiyah, Taif Saudi Arabia

World Society for Virology was established to strengthen collaboration of virologists worldwide without restriction. The WSV main mission is to strengthen virology research to different viral diseases of humans, animals, and plants. World Society for Virology main objectives include but not limited to: Build up a network of scientific collaboration among virologists worldwide. Build international bridges for virology laboratories worldwide.


Antibiotic Resistance-India-IIMARFull Time

July 2020 - Present

Vellore , Tamil Nadu India

IIMAR was formed in MARCH 2008 to promote prudent use of antibiotics so as to reduce the possibility of spread of antibiotic resistance. Coordinators: Dr. A. J. Tamhankar & Dr. Mira Shiva. Let us all JOIN together and spread a word for prudent use of antibiotics.Dr.Ramesh Nachimuthu currently serving as a Joint Coordinator-IIMAR. Organization- Non financial. No membership fee. No funds. Operates and sustains on members own initiatives and funds. Every member aware about AMR. Makes others aware about AMR. Every volunteer worker works in his /her own comfort space. Every volunteer leader is a coordinator at his/her own niche/Environment.

Life Member

Society for Bacteriophage Research and TherapyFull Time

July 2020 - Present

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh India

The society is intended to work together as a team for the betterment of bacteriophages and its positive global impact on the society. But, our concern can only be perfected when the scientists and clinicians working in different areas of basic and translation research in different aspects of bacteriophages are coming altogether on a single platform. Therefore, this society has been evolved to have a platform where researchers working in different areas of bacteriophages e.g. water bodies especially in rivers; clinical application of phages i.e. as antibacterial, vaccines, gene therapy, diagnostics, drug delivery, cancer therapy; water and sewage treatment, animal husbandry, poultry, food safety, aquaculture, agriculture, industry etc. may exchange and share the knowledge and facility altogether at national level. This is high time for you to consider joining hands for a noble cause.


International Society for Viruses of MicroorganismsFull Time

July 2020 - Present

Leicister, England UK

The ISVM is a professional society that connects people working with viruses that infect microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, algae, archaea, and protists. Because tiny things are hugely cool.


International Bacteriophage Research ConsortiumFull Time

April 2019 - Present

New Delhi, New Delhi India

The purpose of this group is to create awareness on bacteriophage research and therapy for managing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and to promote and expand the International Bacteriophage Research Consortium (IBRC), a joint endeavour of ANDC, DU & OHSL, USA.


Bhabha Atomic Research CentreFull Time

August 2016 - Present

Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu India

The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is India's premier nuclear research facility based in Tarapur and Trombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra. BARC is a multi-disciplinary research centre with extensive infrastructure for advanced research and development covering the entire spectrum of nuclear science, engineering and related areas.BARC's core mandate is to sustain peaceful applications of nuclear energy, primarily for power generation. It manages all facts of nuclear power generation, from theoretical design of reactors, computerised modelling and simulation, risk analysis, development and testing of new reactor fuel materials, etc.


Homi Bhabha National Institute

PG Diploma in Nuclear Science


2015 - 2016

School of Biotechnology, Banaras Hindu University

Master of Science in Biotechnology


2013 - 2015

Department of Zoology, Banaras Hindu University

B.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology


2010 - 2013